We pride ourselves on providing tailored, expert design and construction services at Design and Construction Navarrete and Associates. Our offerings encompass various sectors, including residential, commercial, legalization, historic preservation, and specialized hillside construction. As part of our commitment to professionalism and convenience, our team handles all requisite city or county permit acquisitions for new and existing projects. Notably, our construction contracting is exclusively extended to designs originating within our company rather than to third-party designs.

Building Projects

(Residential and Commercial)

As an integrated design and construction firm, we are adept at executing residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Our collaborative approach ensures that client requirements are meticulously captured and translated into conceptual designs that echo our company’s vision and philosophy. Subsequently, these are articulated into comprehensive construction documents, setting the stage for execution.

Legalization Projects

Our company boasts a robust proficiency in project legalization. This proficiency includes navigating the intricacies of obtaining variance permits from planning departments and securing approval for variances from local zoning regulations. Our specialized expertise lies in strategizing and implementing solutions that address and rectify previously unauthorized projects.

Historic Preservation Projects

Design and Construction Navarrete and Associates possesses rich experience in historic preservation, encompassing both the creation of new historic structures and the augmentation of existing ones. A building’s qualification as historic necessitates its location within a designated historic district and adherence to specific criteria, such as its construction era, style, and materials employed. Before initiating any historic preservation endeavor, we undertake the acquisition of all pertinent permits, including securing approvals from the concerned historic preservation department.
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