Design and Construction Navarrete and Associates is a family-owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, California. Licensed and insured, we provide high-quality design and construction services to clients throughout the United States and internationally.
Our team is committed to customer satisfaction. We strive to create customized projects that meet each client’s unique needs and expectations. To do so, we combine different perspectives through effective and transparent communication. Our ultimate goal is to deliver refined projects that combine sophistication and functionality while complying with all applicable regulations.


Mr. Fernando Navarrete brings an integrative approach that harmonizes functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic harmony, deviating gracefully from traditional standards. This distinct methodology crafts a body of work that remains consistent and rooted in essential principles.
Mr. Navarrete emphasizes a comprehensive enhancement of humanity’s well-being, spanning spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional realms. By fervently advocating the prioritization of fundamental human needs in the design of buildings, Fernando’s approach emphasizes that a building’s success lies in its ability to enrich the lives of its occupants comprehensively, harmonize with its surroundings, and fulfill its intended purpose. Given the limitations of present human and technological capacities, he believes designers stand a better chance of approaching the optimal solution by diligently pursuing this imperative.
Mr. Navarrete departs from the idea that buildings should directly imitate natural forms and achieves a balance between artificial and natural elements through intentional contrast. From his perspective, rectilinear forms preserve the authenticity of the artificial more effectively. He argues that structures should take advantage of the lessons of nature to enhance human experiences without attempting to replicate their forms directly.
Mr. Navarrete augments sociability, fluidity, and interpersonal engagements by centralizing kitchens, the heart of the residence, so that users can quickly access it from other spaces. Concurrently, he places the bathrooms strategically so the users can have private access from their bedrooms while maintaining access from the public areas, which epitomizes efficient design flow. His design frequently spotlights a central vestibule, a strategy that bathes primary spaces in natural luminance while placing secondary rooms closer to this vestibule.
Mr. Navarrete masterfully manipulates rectangular prismatic volumes in the design of his buildings by offsetting them, ensuring optimal functionality without sacrificing form. This offsetting of the volumes creates dynamic interplays of light and shadow, providing a visual treat and invoking profound spiritual introspection. The precision and clarity of the rectilinear edges in his creations impart a sense of structure and coherence, enhancing cognitive and emotive engagements for those interacting with the space. His adept utilization of polished stucco surfaces epitomizes adaptability and luminance, creating a seamless transition between interior and exterior realms. The juxtaposition of natural wood accentuates this, adding a tactile depth.
Championing a congruous bond with nature, Mr. Navarrete emphasizes the indistinguishable boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.
Demonstrating an adaptive philosophy, Mr. Navarrete remains attuned to the shifting design paradigms. Nonetheless, his oeuvre remains anchored to unchanging principles, relentlessly aspiring to conceive spaces of purpose, enrichment, and interpersonal resonance.
In summation, the design philosophy of Mr. Navarrete melds a spectrum of concepts, each distinct yet interwoven, resulting in a profound and lasting impact evident in his diverse portfolio.
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